Lesson 0 Why learn to draw

Jan 01, 2014 | Comments

Learning an all time amazement

I’m a web developer by trade and have never got around to the area of design. Which makes me all the more curious to explore the world of typography, colors, layouts etc.

Inspired by Karen’s learn design blogpost, i’ve decided to teach myself everything about design in the fresh year. Starting from the basics, i’m learning to draw by hand. I believe the fundamental appreciation for design comes from hand-eye coordindation.

I got my hands on You can draw in 30 days to guide me along the fundamentals of drawing and dealing with my ridiculously ugly drawing base. If you are learning drawing as well, you may want to get a copy of this book if you are a fast learner. Or you could just follow along with my progress. I’ll be documenting the things i learnt from this book and try to present them in a manner you can follow too. Please feel free to give me feedbacks on how to improve.

Ok enough background paintings, let’s get started.

Let’s begin with a little pretest to see how good or bad you are at drawing currently.

  1. Spend 2 minutes drawing a house, without referencing anything, just from your imagination.
  2. Next, spend 2 minutes drawing an airplane. Again, from imagination.
  3. Ok i promise it’s the last one. Spend 2 minutes drawing a bagel.

Don’t worry if your drawing is hideous, no one has to see it! So now that you have your ‘base’ work at hand, put this up somewhere secret so you can compare how much you have improved overtime. If it’s any consolation, my work is attached below…feeling better now?


Ok now chuck it aside and hop on to Lesson 1 The Sphere!