Lesson 4 The Cube

Jan 04, 2014 | Comments

Ok I’m moving on to drawing cubes in this lesson. Contrary to my belief, i realized drawing cubes is actually harder than drawing spheres. Let’s get started!

  1. Starting off, draw two dots across from each other. these 2 dots will determine the diagonal length of the cube.
  2. Place finger between the dots using the opposite hand you are drawing with. Then draw a dot above your finger. These 2 dots should be closer to each other.
  3. Shoot the first line across.
  4. Draw the next line connecting the left dot with the bottom one.
  5. A third line to connect the bottom dot with right dot.
  6. Complete the foreshortened square. Foreshortening means to distort an object to create the illusion that part of it is closer to your eye.
  7. Next, draw the sides of the cube with two vertical lines. Use the sides of your sketchbook page as a visual reference to keep your drawings from tilting.
  8. Using the two side lines as reference lines, draw the middle line a bit longer and lower. Using lines you have already drawn to establish angles and positions for your next lines is a crucial technique in creating 3D picture.
  9. Using the top right edge of the top foreshortened square as a reference line. draw the bottom right side of the cube.
  10. Then draw the bottom left side of the cube by referring to the angle of the line above it.
  11. Draw the light source on the top right hand side of the cube and start shading the other sides. Remember nooks and crannies?

So here’s my result: Drawing_lesson4.1

Try practicing more with drawing cube like objects. Gift boxes, packages, shoe boxes etc. Once ready, let’s go on to Lesson 5 - Hollow Cubes.