Ignorance of MLM marketeers

Feb 16, 2014 | Comments

I’m totally against Multi-Level-Marketing(MLM) or any form of Ponzi schemes because it’s a questionable business model that does not offer any real values to the society Here’s my reasons.

On top of which, most MLM marketeers are just pure ignorant about the product they are trying to promote. Let’s be honest here, they are not really interested in ‘growing’ you, they are just interested in entry fee you paid up upon joining the organization. More suckers like you joining as their downlinks means more loyalty fees into their pocket.

What’s more of a joke is that most of these marketeers who approaches you doesn’t have the slightest idea about their product or the industry they are in.

Every month or so i’ll receive at least 1 of such invites to MLM. AND THEY JUST DONT DIE OFF! So last week i received this message on linkedin:


‘Income diversification’ is like an instant red flag to me. But being polite, i replied:


Soon afterwards it start to sound more fishy in her reply:


Ok seriously??? you are running an e-commerce business and your website is only accessible to a selected few??? It’s like saying,

i’m opening a restaurant that only serves my friends and family.

Great work so far Amirah. I decided to serve her own medicine back to her. message4

At this point, the last that she can do to save her sinking ship is to send me some PDFS, DOCS, WEBSITES depicting her business to get me interested. But it seems she doesn’t have any to begin with. Alas, this short and apparently-less-friendly message without signoffs came back: message5

OKAY. BITCHING TIME. My dear Amirah, it seems you don’t even understand the difference between ‘a wholesale/retail distribution channel’ and ‘e-commerce distribution business’. A wholesale/retail distribution channel via internet is like eBay or Amazon where you provide a medium for e-commerce business to operate and transact. An e-commerce business is where you USE this medium to perform ecommerce activities. Building an ebay shopfront to sell your products within ebay is totally different from building ebay.com itself. I can’t appreciate how you want to hire me to work for you, or as your down-link in your organization, when you can’t even figure out this simple difference about the industry you are supposedly to be an expert in. Preaching about a questionable business model is already being frowned upon. The worst you can do is to demonstrate that you know nothing about the industry you are in. Please Amirah, stop this madness.