Could this be the most discriminatory Job Description ever?

Sep 24, 2014 | Comments

So i just chanced upon what i think is the most discriminatory Job Description(JD) ever. Either the company is trying too hard to be hip or they are simply jerks.

Here’s the brain numbing JD by a Singapore startup called wewantsugar. Don’t be fooled by its name, there’s no sweetness whatsoever as far as i can see. Let’s go through what’s wrong with this piece of golden nugget.

Here’s what they want:

paragraph 1

First of all you sidelined majority of Singaporeans whose life inadvertently goes down the path of having kids, buying flat, cars and awaiting CPF withdrawal. So are you implying none of your employees would ever take this path? I’d imagine that would be a really scary company to work with.

Next. The notion of working till midnight is a circumstance of situation, NOT a default choice. We developers never starts off a day telling ourselves “damn i’m gona make sure i work late into the night.” When we do, it’s because we are passionate for what we do and we feel responsible enough to finish what we started. How come you never mentioned anything about productivity? What’s your reason for wanting someone who willingly want to work late into the night? So that you can work-torture the poor dude and slap a ‘he likes it anyway’ statement to justify your abuse? That’s a really cruel employer.

Feeling good yet? Here’s who they don’t want: paragraph 2

Just what’s with shaming of the corporates by calling them ‘shallow social climber’? How does wanting to work for prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs make them shallow? The very organisations you marginalise gave you your bank account, connected your cellphone to your loved ones and makes sure there’s food to be bought when you visit NTUCs. Your every statement tells me you despise people who doesn’t share your beliefs and dreams while being painfully oblivious to what’s around you. Speaking of shallow, this company seems to fit the bill quite well.

Oh and you don’t want social misfits? You don’t want people who were always the last to get picked? Sounds like you are the big bad bully in school whom everyone hated. You know what? Some of the most successful technology companies are where they are today because the misfits envisioned something others didn’t and built products that made everyone else’s life better. But i’m glad you didn’t see that. Least you ruin the opportunity cost of another genius in the making. By the way, your advice, ‘go seek help from a mental health professional’ is totally misguided and only goes to show how ugly you are as a person. Misfits do not have a mental condition, this company’s management does.

Still Convinced you are perfect for this job? Here’s their requirements:

paragraph 3

Holy shit! That’s even longer than my mum’s monthly shopping list. You must be looking to hire Elon Musk and ready to pay shitloads of salary compensation.

paragraph 4

Did you know that in Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower Employment Act, it is forbidden to ask potential employees for photographs as a factor of employment considerations? Look like either you need to do more homework or you chose to disregard the employment act totally. Either ways, how can employees even start to trust that you will take care of them?

Oh look, for a Lead Software Engineer position and all that essential attributes and requirements, you are paying SGD4,000 - 5,000? It’s like asking for whales and paying peanuts.

Those are two full pages of prejudices, discriminatory remarks and statements that shows how ugly this employer can get. I am a software engineer and i would NEVER work for this company ever. I would strongly advise every software engineer to stay clear of your company as well.

Again, here’s the brain numbing JD. Just why isn’t there some sort of ethics or personality test before someone is allowed to incorporate a company?